Find your short term rental in Biarritz for a holiday

The most precious  of the Basque coast  wonders is undoubtedly in the discreet charm of the city of Biarritz. Like a jewel in its setting, Biarritz shines in the hollow of the Bay of Gascogne, taking advantage of the power of the winds and tides of the Atlantic Ocean which give  the meteorological conditions that we are  all looking  for during our holidays. The mildness of summer temperatures and the constancy of the sunshine contribute to make Biarritz a little corner of paradise!

A seaside town which became famous thanks to the Empress Eugenie and today frequented by the greatest movie and musical stars that appreciate the easy living, Biarritz has many attractions that can guarantee you a successful holidays. European capital of surfing, centre of golf course, landmark of the beaches for family sheltered from the wind and the waves, a captivating city with the historical heritage ... Biarritz is a destination that is worth the detour!A few meters from the beach, the town center of Biarritz teems with animation: coffee terraces sheltered under the shade of large trees and tasty restaurants celebrating Basque cuisine invite you to take full advantage of the mild climate and the  beauty of the  places. Not forgetting a maze of small streets, each more picturesque and charming than the one before.Basque gastronomy also contributes to the quality of life in Biarritz. A little detour by the Halles is necessary, in order to taste in a picturesque setting and a relaxed atmosphere the local specialties offered on the stands of hundreds of traders. Simply delicious!

A gourmet city that is also elegant, Biarritz has many boutiques of clothes, shoes, Basque linen or fine chocolates ... From Place Clémenceau to the Old Port, passing through the Saint-Charles district, hours of shopping in sight are waiting for you !The most intrepid ones in search of strong feelings will not miss the rolls of the coast of the Basques, world famous surfers. Beginners are reassured: there are also many surf schools!