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What could be more authentic than staying in a house typical of the Basque coast? Whether you opt for half-timbering or the Art Deco trend, My Home In has everything you need! Choose a villa rental in Biarritz for the summer season.

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Here are our holiday villas offers in Biarritz, Aquitaine. We select each holiday villa proposed in order to offer you real estate in line with our quality charter. My Home In Biarritz offers you also the possibility to rent a holiday apartment in Biarritz, but also nice villas with swimming pool available for short term rentals in Biarritz.

Rent a villa in Biarritz for the summer

When preparing your holidays, first of all you think about the choice of your destination where  a good weather is guaranteed. With Biarritz, do not worry about that! Then you must focus on where you are going to stay. The whole family must be settled in properly... Comfort is important, especially when you have children. And what if, this summer, they had their own room? It would also be nice not to have to choose between a garden and the sea nearby, right? My Home In has thought of everything and selected to you the most beautiful houses to install at best your loved ones. Whether in the city center, in direct access to a beach or a little more on the heights, the houses of Biarritz does not fail to have a charm. The city began its tourist activity with the arrival of the train and the fame brought by the Empress Eugénie, wife of Napoleon III, the real estate constructions flourished from the nineteenth century and continued until today. Thus, a pretty half-timbering house can rub shoulders in the same street, or even be neighboring a large Art Deco residence. Similarly, a house with modern architecture can be the harmonious opposite of a small fishermen's hut remodeled into adorable little house which is very  simple but still pleases the eyes. In town, a house often means no garden or just a tiny corner of greenery. In Biarritz, houses often have a garden worthy of the name: a lawn on which there are chairs and table, sheltered in the shade of a tree. What could be more enjoyable than having lunch in the open- air? In the spirit of the Biarrots, it is inconceivable not to take advantage of the clemency of the weather. As you can see, the houses of Biarritz do not fail to have originality and this urban landscape eclectic participates in the charm of the city. So, enjoy your holidays in Biarritz to rent the house of your dreams!If you think that you and your family will be more comfortable in an apartment, cast a glance at the selection of My Home In.