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Holiday in Biarritz

The city of Biarritz is an elegant one. Currently, it is considered to be a major agglomeration where surfing is in control. The city has grown from a modest fishing port to a popular seaside resort.

The village is synonymous with real holidays. You can find there the Hotel du Palais which is the material proof of a glorious past of Biarritz. The city has known the golden age during the reign of Napoleon III. It remains an excellent tourist destination where each category of visitors will find its groove.

In order to guarantee you the best stay of your life, why don’ t you opt ​​for a vacation rental? It is a practical and affordable option to stay comfortably without anyone coming to shuffle along your spaces ... Yes! This is the great benefit of this type of accommodation.

In addition to taking advantage of a personal living environment, you will stay in a meticulously prepared and well - equipped local to meet all your requirements. There are several types of vacation rentals in Biarritz.

There is what is called the holiday house rental or a villa rental. The latter is ideal for hosting large families or people traveling in large communities. Your children will be able to play as much as they want in the garden, a garage will be available for visitors by car, the lucky ones will have the opportunity to choose a house nearby or with views of the beach.

Another type of vacational rental is related to, among other things, the one where you can own an apartment. The only difference with the holiday house rental is that the housing will be able to receive a limited number of tenants (6 maximum). But all the comfort will be obviously at the rendezvous.

Therefore, do not hesitate and make the most of the benefits of vacation rentals in Biarritz in order to get the best stay of your life!