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Getting around Biarritz

Have you decided to go on a trip to Biarritz this year, but you are unsure about the choice of transport to favor so that you can move without worry and according to your budget? In this article, we present 2 simple ways to get to the capital ... It's up to you to choose the one that suits you best!

To travel by plane

The city of Biarritz hosts an international airport and two others that are located within 2 hours of the city center. In this way, you will either land at the airport of Pau which is about 2 hours from the citadel or at the airport of San Sebastian, only 30 minutes from the center.

But the most important of all concerns the Biarritz Basque Country Airport, located about 4 km from the city. It provides a direct link to more than 15 destinations. There are many airlines serving the biarrot territories such as Air France, British Airways and Hop! For budget travelers, there are also low-cost agencies, including EasyJet, which offers discounted flights.

However, it is important to be well informed about the links, as they can be seasonal or exist all year long. Once your feet are on the land of Biarritz, you will find on site several speakers, 2 large conference rooms and an undeniable number of shops and stores. Shuttles, taxis and buses are also waiting for you as soon as you leave the airport to take you directly to the city center.

To travel by train

If you prefer to avoid the plane, another choice, slower than the flights, but more accessible for the tight budgets, is at your disposal: to travel on a train. Indeed, the city of Biarritz has a multiple network of TER and TGV that will take you there directly. However, the journey time may take around 2 to 6 hours, but this will depend on your departure city.

Trip from Bordeaux: 2 hours 30 minutes

Journey from Pau: 1 h

Journey from Toulouse: 3 h

Journey from Paris: 6 h

Also, it is important to know that regular connections are made from the train station La Négresse.

Here ! Hoping to have helped you, we wish you an enjoyable stay in Biarritz!