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Nightlife Biarritz

It's been 11 months since you have been waiting! It's not surprising if the summer holidays are the target of all your desires, your wildest fantasies to finally be able to blow and have a good time. If you plan to go on a trip to Biarritz, here are 3 attractive corners that will help you to lower the pressure and make the most of your moments of relaxation.

La Plancha

Treat yourself to a drink and appreciate it in the sand! La Plancha is located close to the sea. What else can you ask for: a little warmth, a touch of sunshine and Planchas in large quantities? The restaurant is proud to spend a few moments of change of scene by inviting you to sit on its seats with one of the most beautiful views of the sea in Bidart.

La Plancha has a dream location and offers a sublime decor where you will taste, in a dynamic and warm atmosphere, a rich and inventive gastronomy from fresh local produce. Whether you are a couple, friends, family or alone, come and take advantage of moments of happiness with La Plancha, where everyone is benevolent with others!

You will not need to book if you wish to have lunch or dinner there. A 360 ° outdoor bar welcomes you in a friendly atmosphere where meetings are open to everyone. A large number of cocktails and aperitifs await you, leave without hesitation!

The Moony

The Moony is both an ideal place to enjoy a good coffee in the early morning and to eat at noon or in the evening. Its decor is simple, attractive and friendly. Located in the center of Biarritz, 50 m from the old port, this café-restaurant offers you continuous services by making you taste delicious and typical specialties.

The Bar Bu

The Bar Bu is a very spacious place that has taken root right next to the harbor. It is both a café-bar-brasserie and offers traditional cuisine for hearty lunches, aperitif cocktails and cassolettes to serve in the evening and the top of the tops, an endless atmosphere until dawn so that guests can have fun all night dancing, breaking a few pieces and drinking. Come and enjoy a contemporary and chic decor on a welcoming terrace while breathing the sea air!