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Biarritz surroundings

As visitors know very well, Biarritz is one of the most popular seaside resorts around the world. It is not necessary to go far to take advantage of the dream vacation and feel in the middle of a haven of scenery ... Not far from the Spanish border is the city of Biarritz, one of the treasures of French tourism.

It has her own story that it tells brilliantly through the beautiful Orthodox buildings. "Resort town of Empress Eugenie", a story also links the personality to the city. The sovereign likes to mingle with the population especially at the edge of the large beach where she had some discussions with fishermen ... A true love of Biarritz!

All this long talk leads us to a question, why do tourists hope as soon as possible to return to Biarritz for the next vacation? This is because it has all the essential points giving you this sensation of "well-being and welcome" in the space of some stay ... What can be done and practiced in the surrounding areas of Biarritz?

Going to the bookstore at 27 Gardères Street is a great way to start exploring the city. Too commonplace as first experience do you think, but this bookstore is not like the others, it is simply unmatched! The corner is a small house of 2 floors. While visiting the first floor, you will have the impression of finding yourself in the basket of a balloon. This is the perfect place to find a captivating book for the holidays that you can devour on the beach for example.

Adventurous souls would love to spend some time at Old Port at Casa Juan Pedro. Take advantage of the authentic atmosphere and discover how the fishermen take care of you to bring you the best fish. The site is also classified as one of the most beautiful spots in the entire metropolis.

A walk on the Rock of the Virgin will bring you to an unparalleled universe ... You will have the impression of having in front of you one of the most beautiful buildings on the planet. The Rock gives you this sensation of the miraculous return of night during the storm that hit the fishermen biarrots in the years 1864.

Finally, do not forget to appreciate the sea which, in Biarritz, is so bewitching with its turquoise color and crystal clear water. Relax at the edge of the Grande Plage downtown by contemplating the last light of the sun ... Magic!