Go surfing in Biarritz

Holiday in Biarritz

Biarritz is known as being the main European capital of surfing, where you can find the famous Basque coast and where French and European surfing began. For the non - professional, you will be able to practice on the side of Villa Belza where the waves have such an exquisite softness ... Surfing in Biarritz, it's back to 60 years of existence! The whole world knows the reputation of the spots of the Basque Country, favorable to bring happiness to the experienced ones!

The Guéthary beach

The quiet waves of the Guéthary beach are perfect to the whole family. There, non- professional and non-regulars can surf in a soothing atmosphere so as to take surfing up before tackling the big rolls of Hawaii. The advantage of practicing on this site is that you will not have to be worry about the tide and the direction of the wind. However, it is necessary to learn about the currents before diving ... This may be dangerous for novices. Mind your backs  and go with your children to make them discover the pleasure of surfing!

Les Cavaliers beach

To describe the beach of Cavaliers, it is a spot offering high waves where the breeze is less important. It remains a very appreciated place thanks to its stormy side on the sea ... The lucky ones will be able to jump over the waves of more than 2 m of height! However, amateurs who decide to come and get in there should be careful! You must first have an expert knowledge of the basics of surfing before attempting anything that could be costly hurting you... To have fun, it is advisable to have an average level, even experienced ... So, no recklessness!

The Virtual Surf

Do you want to know this feeling of being able to control a high wave ? but due to a lack of courage, you are afraid to try the experience on the sea? Look no further! Virtual Surf is the place for you to get used to the board before you attack the ocean. In fact, It presents, a surfing simulator designed to give the feeling of actually practicing a session on the spot of your dreams. More again, with the Surf Sensation 5D, you'll have the chance to live the most exhilarating experiences that will not disappoint you. Standing on a dynamic surfboard, you'll be equipped with a virtual reality mask that will put you in the places of a real surfer!

Here it is ! Hoping that these informations help you to find the perfect spot for surfing in Biarritz. We wish you a pleasant stay in the Basque Coast!