Holiday in Biarritz

Go surfing in Biarritz

Biarritz is known as being the main European capital of surfing, where you can find the famous Basque coast and where French and European surfing began. For the non - professional, you will be able to practice on the side of Villa Belza where the waves have such an exquisite softness ... Surfing in Biarritz, it's back to 60 years of existence! The whole world knows the reputation of the spots of the Basque Country, favorable to bring happiness to...

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Playing Golf in Biarritz and its surroundings

Apart from the happiness provided by the sea, the mountains and the typical neighborhoods, Biarritz is rich in golf courses, most of which provide equipment and a view that you will remember for a long time. In this article, we will present 5 of the best sites in the Basque Country where you can relax and make the most of the pleasure of golf. Let's go swimmer!The Golf of Biarritz: The LighthouseIt is a historical place that was built in...

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The Basque pelota

The Basque pelota is a unique and varied discipline whose principle is to send directly or after a rebound, the pelota against the frontage so that it falls on the ground. The game ends when a team makes a foul or if it fails to raise before the second rebound.The Basque pelota: Bare handIt is undoubtedly the first sport of pelota that formed well before the other pediments. It evolved during the years under covered structures, including the trinquet and...

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The unmissable places in Biarritz

Do you have any travel plans for this year? If, during your stay, you want to change your habits, you will have so many choices because the landscapes of Biarritz are mainly rich in tourist heritage.Biarritz is first of all the city that borders Bayonne. Walking under its arcades is a real delight with its shops that are built in wood and with ancient architecture. There, you can also benefit from a nice stroll along the Nive river, which serves...

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