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How can I become an owner on My Home In Biarritz ?

You must register on the website by clicking the button 'Advertise my ad for free' visible on the home page. Then, you will fill in your profile and the information about the property you wish to rent. Finally you post photos of your property and the fares and update a calendar of availability.

You have a property situated in one of the areas covered by one of the websites My Home In Biarritz , and after you have registered, we have validated your ad as corresponding to our criteria. Houses, apartments, bed and breakfasts are accepted well as certain goods more 'original' as the docked boats. For example, the caravans are not accepted. Each on-line set up is subject to approval by the website administrator. Do not hesitate to contact us before you complete your ad!

It's entirely up to you to set the price of your property. Manage your rates in your tab 'my ads'> 'Rates & Calendars' on your interface. Keep in mind that we apply a service charge to cover the cost of processing payments from tenants but also the costs of our work for property selection and promotion. Take this into account so that the rent, service charges included, would not be off-market. To give you an idea of market prices in your area, search for similar homes to yours in your town or neighborhood. During the discussion with a prospective tenant, you can also change the price depending on your exchanges and practicability of the dates of stay according to your schedule. You can for example make a reduced offer for a shorter period that fits well with your schedule. Furthermore, before any application you can also make a special offer to a personalized price.

From your owner's interface, click the 'Add an Ad' button at the upper right corner, this will allow you to avoid refilling the first steps of identification. It is entirely possible to link each classified to a different bank account.

Once your ad published, you can manage and modify it from your interface in the tab 'my ads> my ad' then in the tab my ads> rates & calendars, you can update if necessary your reservation planning (It is recommended to update it regularly) and your rates. In the tab 'my ads> Photos', you can change the pictures that don't suit you anymore and replace them with newer or more attractive pictures. You also have the option to change the main photo of your property that is is seen in the summary of your ad.

Upon registration, you will be able to choose the type of Cancellation Policy / guarantee you want to apply . You can select one that suits you from your interface in the tab 'my ads> Options. You can change the policy / guarantee anytime you wish.

A date for the update will be automatically shown on your ad and in the summary of the ad. To maximize your booking, it is essential to regularly update the availability of your property because some prospective tenants may not trust a calendar showing an update date too old and so may not carry out a request.
To update your calendar simply log into your interface in the tab 'my ads'> 'Rates & Calendars'> 'Calendars' which will allow you to specify any changes.

There are several reasons for your ad to be turned off. If you never reply to a request for information or booking, or if you provide a way to contact you outside of the exchange mailbox put at your disposal by the website , we reserve the right to put your ad off line. We can also turn off your ad if you post photos or communicate information that is found not matching with the Terms of use of My Home In Biarritz websites.

When a tenant does a search, the most relevant ads to the research done appear first. Secondly the recent update of the calendars and the good response rate to requests received help the rise of your ad at the top of the list.

Most of the potential tenants want a prompt answer to their request for information or reservation . A quick response from you certifies that you are serious and you will maximize your chances of finalizing reservations. So on your owner profile will be shown your response time, on the time elapsing between the receipt of a request and the reply you give to it. Profiles with a reasonable response rate will of course be favored by prospective tenants.

To improve your chances of renting your property, be careful in defining your rates. Remember to take into account the My Home In Biarritz service fees that will be applied to the tenant in addition to the amount you would like to earn. A quick response to requests and a regular update of your calendars will enable you to better rent your property.

It is possible to put your property in instant booking. This means that the tenant can make a firm reservation without waiting for an answer from you about the availability of your accommodation. Be careful if you put your property on instant booking, that means your schedules are constantly updated! To choose this option, you must go to My Ads> Options. A pictogram indicating the possibility of booking your property instantly will appear on your ad.

To put your ad offline and put it on stanby for a set time (eg when you are away and not able to answer your booking for quite a long time), simply click on the button visible / not visible in the tab 'my ads' on your interface.

If the photos of your property do not suit you (outdated, poor definition or badly depicting the property), you have the option to use a professional photographer in your area through our website.

Several options are available to you. You consider that the cleaning must be made by the tenant or else that it is included in the rental price. Cleaning fees may also be added to the rental price, in which case it is your responsibility to state it clearly in the appropriate section when you complete the description of your property. This amount may be subject to modification during your discussions with a potential tenant. These fees will then be paid by the tenant as part of the booking made on My Home In Biarritz and we will refund you. Of course, cleaning fees are not included in the calculation basis of our service fees.

You are the one who decides on the basic price on which are incorporated cleaning fees (if you haven't included them in the basic price) and any additional costs (additional person for example) that may occur through your exchanges with your potential tenant. Service fees of our website will automatically appear in addition to the basic price that you have previously set so that the tenant discovers an overall price for his rental.

If you receive an information request from a tenant, you will be notified immediately by the sending of an e-mail on the e-mail address you provided when you registered. This alert by email can also be doubled by the sending of a text message. You will have then to log in to your My Home In Biarritz inbox available through your interface. It is your responsibility to answer your potential tenant to confirm him or not the availability but also notify him any details you consider relevant. You will take good care to ensure that the quoted price by default is the good one. Otherwise, it is your responsibility to correct it before responding to your tenant.

If I do not respond to a request for information within three days after it was sent, the potential tenant will receive a message that the property is unavailable. It is preferable to respond promptly to a request, first to the right feel of the site but also in order not to see the response rate on your profile affected by requests unanswered.
Applications unanswered will still appear in your inbox but with the mention 'request expired'. This does not prevent you from answering even belatedly.

If you wish to modify the initial reservation request price, it is possible to do so during your exchange with the prospective tenant through the Inbox My Home In Biarritz. For example, if the dates suggested by your tenant are matching to your current booking calendar (arrival and departure corresponding perfectly with the previous start and the next arrival for example) and you want to give yourself an extra chance to finalize the booking, you can decide on your own to make an effort on the price that you originally posted and choose to make an offer so that your proposal appears with status 'New Offer' in the response received by the potential tenant.

The messages you receive from tenants may have different status:
'information request, 'reservation request', 'confirmed reservation'. The status 'booking request' implies an acceptance or not from you. The status 'confirmed reservation' is the result of a positive answer you have given to a reservation request received. However, the status 'Information request' implies various answers from you. When responding to tenant's request , it is your responsibility to state the purpose of your message by selecting from the following three options:
In the event that your tenant asks you specific questions or you want to ask him questions before confirming the availability of your property.
'My property is available':
The dates requested by your tenant are available and the price set by default by the system matches the price of the concerned period. You choose the subject of your message and respond to tenant with a welcome message asking him to confirm the reservation.
'My property is unavailable'
Your property is not available for the period requested by your tenant. It has either been rented for the period or is simply not available for rent. If you have no other available dates close to those sought by the tenant it is the subject of the message you have to choose before responding to your tenant. The same way, if you receive a request for a number of people exceeding to the maximum accommodation capacity of your property this is also the subject of the message you need to choose.
'Make a new offer':
The dates chosen by your potential tenant do not quite match your schedule or the person interested in your property asks you to discount on the price you originally gave. You must choose this message object to suggest alternative dates available and / or a price reviewed from the original price. You must then change the booking details showing the new available dates and / or the reviewed price .

A reservation request is different from an information request. It follows an initial exchange that you had with the tenant. It can also happen without prior discussion if you have chosen the instant booking option. If you receive a reservation request from a tenant, this means the tenant has given us his credit card details and that he definitely wishes to rent your property . You will be notified immediately by the sending of a e-mail on the e-mail address you provided when you registered, with the status 'Reservation Request'. This sending will be doubled by the sending of a text message. You will then need to log in to your My Home In Biarritz inbox listed on your interface, select the message and then select 'Accept' in order to confirm the tenant's reservation. You have a period of 36 hours to confirm the reservation. By accepting this reservation, you are committed to the tenant as your tenant is committed to you.

When you accept a tenant's reservation request , you receive a confirmation of the booking in your My Home In Biarritz mailbox. The latter is also implemented in 'My Bookings' section on your owner's interface and then contains all of the tenant's details and the summary of the booking conditions. The tenant will also receive all of your contact details and a summary of the booking conditions.

Most tenants want a quick reply to their reservation request and they tend to favor the owners who clearly and quickly respond. Then, the sooner you answer, the faster you maximize your chances of finalizing the booking. Moreover, we will send you a follow-up email if you have not replied within 24 hours to remind you to answer the request. Be aware that after 36 hours, the reservation request will expire.

My Home In Biarritz fits into a new way of doing in the field of seasonal rentals to protect you from the risks and uncertainty related to this activity while facilitating your rentals. You don't have indeed to worry about rental contracts or to ensure proper payment of the rent. Moreover, you will get the insurances set up by My Home In Biarritz.
By exchanging with your potential tenant through our website mailbox, you ensure yourself of comfort and peace of mind while securing your rental. Then, the email addresses and phone numbers of both parties in the transaction are disclosed once these are finalized.
To guarantee your security and privacy, contacts out of our website are prohibited between owners and tenants. Therefore, if we notice exchanges showing email addresses, phone numbers or any other means enabling a direct contact, these will be removed and your ad will be put offline of our website without any possibility to reactivate it.

You are fully in right to refuse a reservation request, whether your schedule was filled without you having updated the change on our website, whether you have decided to keep the requested period for your own use or for your family or your friends' use, or else that the received request is not suitable for you (you still select your tenants). In this case, simply click on the button 'refuse' at the bottom of the reservation request received. Your calendar will be automatically updated, unless you wouldn't want to. You will then need to untick the box showing that the property is unavailable.

It is necessary you indicate the amount of the deposit in the tab 'my ads> Options' of your interface. You can also choose whether you want My Home In Biarritz to implement this deposit for you through the credit card of your tenant. If this is the case, you won't have anything to manage at the time of arrival of your tenant. In case of dispute at the end of the rental, My Home In Biarritz encourages you to find a common ground on the financial compensation payable by the tenant and will charge your tenant's credit card of that amount. My Home In Biarritz will only charge the tenant's credit card if you have both agreed on an amount of compensation. If you cannot find an agreement directly with your tenant, you have the option to select My Home In Biarritz as conciliator and therefore provide us with any elements necessary to ensure that we give you our advice on the amount of compensation due. This opinion will of course purely remain advisory and in case of continuation of disagreement, the problem will be fixed if necessary, and depending on the conditions of application of the policy, by the insurance company that covers owners and tenants when a transaction is made through My Home In Biarritz.

On your management interface, you will be asked to enter your bank details so we can make transfers matching your reservations on this account. You can of course change these details with those of another account. Similarly, if you have several rental ads online you can link each ad to a different bank account.

Some of our owners notably foreigners may wish to receive the rental amount on an account in their home country. This is quite possible but may incur additional charges related to the cost of international transfers. These fees vary from country to country and shall be borne by the owner.

My Home In Biarritz acts as trusted third party, meaning that we collect funds from your tenant and ensure that these will be paid back to you on agreed terms. This system provides security to the tenant as to the owner. My Home In Biarritz keeps the funds on an escrow account between the time funds are collected from the tenant and they are transferred to you. A financial guarantee is adjoining the My Home In Biarritz escrow account, your rents are safe!

In some cases, particularly if you have already made reservations through one of our websites and that they were held successfully, My Home In Biarritz may give down payments to owners upon booking. My Home In Biarritz will conduct the transfer of the remaining balance within two working days following the entry into the premises by the tenant. Per working day, it is understood the opening days of the French banks. If your tenant shall have a period to inform us of any problem upon arrival in the premises, and if a complaint of the tenant may delay the transfer of the balance, be sure that we are always vigilant and very prompt to refuse considering rash complaints.

My Home In Biarritz service fees are fixed and stand at 4.9% VAT excluded. For any booking made through My Home In Biarritz, you benefit systematically and at no additional cost from an Owner Civil Liability but also from a cancellation revenues guarantee based on the parameters you define.

To get the detail of your payments, simply log into your owner's interface in 'My Bookings' tab, details of various payments are reported in your booking summary.

In case of booking cancellation by your tenant, we take care to implement the cancellation policy you have selected . The latter may imply the refund or not of a part of the rent that we have collected on your behalf. Tenants are not reimbursed for My Home In Biarritz management fees in case of cancellation, but your own expenses are however recalculated according to the amount you finally cashed once your refund has been processed.

Your tenant may need to make a claim, for example because of a lack of equipment or furniture announced, which we of course cannot verify. Then, you may have to refund partly the tenant. That being said a good way to avoid this problem is to quickly resolve the possible problem for your tenant by being reactive and easily reachable during the first days of the rental. Most of the time you will easily find a common ground with your tenant that will help solve his problem.

From the moment you've agreed with the reservation, you have access to your tenant's phone numbers and email address. The trips often have their share of surprises and transportation delays are frequent. The easiest if your tenant is late with respect to the agreed arrival time, is to call him to redefine together his new estimated time of arrival.

As an owner, you are not supposed to change or cancel a reservation. If exceptional circumstances may force you to do so, we invite you to contact us as soon as possible.

If you wish to modify the details of the account to which the funds are transferred please login to your interface> My Profile> Payment Method and follow the procedure.