Apartment rental with sea view in Biarritz

Being a worthy representative of the French seaside resorts which was able to preserve their antiquated charm while developing with modernity, the heart of Biarritz beats at the pace of the tides. Impossible, in these conditions, not to appreciate the changing beauty of the Atlantic Ocean that bathes the city.  What if from your apartment rental with sea view you relish the soothing pleasure?

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Our apartments to rent with sea view in Biarritz

Here are our holiday apartment and flat offers with sea view in Biarritz, Aquitaine. My home in Biarritz offers you also the possibility to rent anapartment in Biarritz centre or next tothe old harbor.

Ren an apartment with sea view in Biarritz for a holiday

The easy living in Biarritz is partly due to the ideal geographical location of the city. At the heart of the Bay of Gascogne, along the Basque coast, a few kilometers from Spain, the charming little seaside town have quite exceptional weather conditions. In fact, the summers are warm and sunny without being worn out with heat; the winters are mild. In other words, Biarritz is a resort that guarantees you the great weather throughout your stay. The bathing conditions are also quite remarkable. In Biarritz, we talk a lot about surfing, especially the rolls of the Côte des Basques, but protected beaches, very well located, ideal for families are also very successful. However, the sea has other benefits (less sporty) that you could enjoy as you please. Indeed, Biarritz has a famous tradition of thalassotherapy cures. It all started in the 1970s, when the cyclist Louison Bobet built a thalassotherapy center in Biarritz. The famous cyclist, victim of a car accident who has stopped his sports career, was convinced of the benefits for the body of the marine climate and sea water.Incidentally, he took retirement in Biarritz to enjoy the marine benefits in his old days. Rapidly, this form of natural care is becoming popular. The success of these marine cures has encouraged the creation of two thalasso centers, which have now become references throughout the Hexagon: Thalmar and Thalassa Biarritz. In each of them, customizable treatments or cures are offered to you according to your desires or the benefits you want to get from it. Will you resist the attraction of an enveloping bath, of a relaxation and well-being promise ? Surfing, swimming or being pampered during a thalassotherapy... In Biarritz, you can enjoy the sea and its possibilities as you please! The rest of the day, we invite you to admire the view of the sea from your apartment.If, however, this view seems more appreciable from a house, you can consult the houses with sea view that My Home In has selected for you.