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Choose an accommodation in Biarritz La Rochefoucault for a holiday

Located behind the famous Hôtel du Palais, a few minutes from Grande Plage or Miramar beach and the city center of Biarritz, the district of  Saint-Charles Larochefoucauld benefits from a central location in the city of Biarritz. Choose an accommodation in Biarritz La Rochefoucault for your next stay.

Our accommodation in Biarritz La Rochefoucault

Here are our holiday accommodation and self catering offers in Biarritz La Rochefoucault. My home in Biarritz proposes you also to rent an accommodation in the light house district or by the beach.

Rent an accommodation in Biarritz La Rochefoucault

This is probably the reason  why it concentrates an impressive number of businesses per square meter. Here, in spite of the effervescence, it is not possible to give in to stress: one takes the time to speak to you, to advise you, to be at your service. For several years, the inhabitants have been fighting to maintain the quality of life and service of the district Larochefoucauld. Crossed by the BAB (agglomeration including Bayonne, Anglet and Biarritz), the district is straddling the municipalities of Biarritz and Anglet. Little comical illustration of the situation: on the avenue du Golf part of the houses is in Anglet, the other in Biarritz. This feature has generated many difficulties for users. But today the bet was won: the imaginary border no longer exists! Shops flourish and holidaymakers enjoy shopping and strolling. The unavoidable passage of the district is Queen Victoria Avenue, named this way because of Queen Victoria's stay in the home of Count Gaétan de Larochefoucauld, a politician in Biarritz. Wandering down Queen Victoria Avenue is an intense experience as there are many strollers. The houses which surround it illustrate all the architectural styles of the region and of the epochs: small Art Deco houses, massive half-timbered houses, modern buildings of several storeys ... And various shops installed next to each other. The regulars have their habits but do not fear you will quickly find your bearings in this lively and very welcoming area.If you want to enjoy this bubbling environment, make your choice in the rental of Saint-Charles Larochefoucauld.