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Find your holiday accommodation in Biarritz Les Halles

The covered market represent a real institution in Biarritz! Located just a stone's throw from Place Clemenceau, following the avenue Victor Hugo, Les Halles symbolizes the commercial heart of Biarritz. When we speak of the Halles, we mean in every sense the covered market, the stalls that surround it and the stores in the surroundings. Choose an accommodation in Biarritz Les Halles for a holiday.

Our accommodation in Biarritz Les Halles

Here are our holiday accommodation and self catering offers in Biarritz les Halles. My home in Biarritz offers you also the possibility to rent an accommodation in the district of La Rochefoucault or the Quartier d'Espagne district.

Short term rentals accommodation in Biarritz les Halles

An undisputed paradise for gourmets, this picturesque place offers the local and gastronomic products of more than 100 traders from the region. Foie gras, Bayonne ham, oysters, Basque cheese ... Tastings come one after another! And to be sure not to miss a crumb, there are organized tours of the market to taste all flavors. To facilitate your gourmet exploration of the places, you must know that the halls are divided into two parts: the fish market and the general market. As far as the seafood is concerned, as you can imagine, all the fish have just been caught and a multitude of varieties are at the rendezvous. Gourmands doubles with impatience will be able to taste on the spot the merchandise. Enhance your market with a break oysters sprinkled with white wine or a sushi stop, there is nothing better during the holidays! In the second market, early farmers, butchers, cheesemakers offer a plethora of products all more appetizing than the others. It is also the occasion to do justice to the regional specialties like the truffle or the foie gras. Is it necessary to detail all the flavors that await you on each of the stands to give you an idea of ​​the richness of this place? Lose yourself without fear in this labyrinth of Basque gastronomy and savor this moment to your heart’s content! Note that in warm days, Les Halles change to  summer time and remain accessible until late in the evening.Around the covered market, restaurants and cafes offer tapas to be enjoyed all day. In summer, itinerant vendors cross the streets, taking part in the friendly atmosphere of this place.In other words, the Halles symbolize paradise on earth for holidaymakers with thin palates.