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District of La Négresse

The district of La Négresse is endowed with a rather particular situation. In fact, it is implanted between 2 lakes, it is what makes of the place as exceptional as mysterious ... Nowadays a large popular sector with some residential places, the village was formerly served by an uncountable number of mail coaches and small farmer carts.

In the center of the district is located the "café-trinquet", meeting place of locals and emblematic place symbolizing the spirit of La Négresse. A brief call on Sunday morning is a must... A beautiful atmosphere will invite you to sit down at a table while appreciating a  ball of palate heated by robust sexagenarians.

You can see everything in the district of ​​La Négresse. At the Bibi-Beaurivage, you will be able to contemplate pretty mansions that meet around the Pradier Square and its markets. The story goes that in these places, Spanish refugees, Portuguese and Maghrebi immigrants have found a safe shelter to make good fortune.

Located south-east of the town of Biarritz, the village of La Négresse has preserved its title as one of the most attractive residential areas of France which is grouped around a craft sector and the SNCF train station.

How did he get his name? At the beginning of the 19th century, a black-skinned mixed waitress marked this era with its sparkling and unique beauty. The woman especially hit the spirits of soldiers of the Napoleonic army, which led them to baptize the village, the district of La Négresse.

As an environmental heritage, it has the famous lakes Mouriscot and Marion, classified Natura site in 2000, which consist of carefully designed and harmonized approaches since the late nineteenth century. A visit of the place is an invitation to discover a fauna and flora very rich despite the human presence.