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Saint Charles district in Biarritz

The Saint Charles district in Biarritz is located just a few minutes from the beach and the city center. It was considered to be a "real" merchant village (2 to 3 every 100 m). Immediately in the morning, its avenues come alive with the sounds of metal blinds.

At Saint Charles, we take the time to know each other, to help and support when needed. Here, everyone is united, attentive and call each other by their first names. It is surprising to note an important concentration and diversity of businesses within a very small town.

The Saint Charles district grants importance to its independence, however, it remains strongly attached to Biarritz. Its businesses invest heavily in the development of the village and do not miss to take part in the annual big party that is organized every year.

Saint Charles, also known as "Lighthouse" or "La Rochefoucauld" is a true wonder of nature. It is undoubtedly one of the most interesting and most sought-after tourist spots in Biarritz.

The neighborhood has nearly 4000 inhabitants, the majority of which are held by elderly people. Most are very mature and own their homes (56%). The latter give themselves a decent income of 25 200 euros per household on average.

Saint Charles is a lively village with restaurants, bars and cafes that are 1 to 4 every 100 m. Of course, the traders break a record of invasion of the streets with 2 or 3 corners every 100 m.

Among other things, there are secondary residences (47%) that bring this particular and picturesque touch to the village. The district of Saint Charles in Biarritz is flourished and has the label "Cities and Villages in Bloom" with 3 out of 4 flowers.
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