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The black tomme of the Pyrenées

The gastronomy in the Basque Country has many surprises for us ... Nobody ever thought of adding an ebony color to the food we usually eat. The big cheese producers in Biarritz took up the challenge and invite us to appreciate the black tomme of the Pyrenees. It is a very special casein with pressed dough that is made with pure and raw cow's milk.

The cheese is specifically known for its wheel which can reach between 2 to 4 kg and especially by its crust plasticized in black color. When slicing a piece, it can be seen that the cheese is of a very soft consistency formed by a clear paste composed of tiny holes naturally distributed.

In Biarritz, it is impossible to ignore the black tomme tasting of the Pyrenees. It tastes in many ways. For lunch, you can cut thin slices of cheese and prepare the best sandwiches. Fine mouths can savor the cheese with a glass of apple wine (AOC from the Basque Country). It can also be used as a garnish for pizzas and other kinds of biarrot dishes.

Among other things, there are two varieties of tomme Pyrenees: the black one is endowed with a bittersweet flavor adorned with a black crust and the other, also called tomme rousse or golden with fruity and frank aromas. Once in the mouth, we feel this typically Pyrenean character from the 3 regions of the barrier (Aquitaine, Hautes-Pyrénées and Ariège).

The basic milk for making the tomme of the Pyrenees is mixed with rennet and lactic ferments. To salt the product, use dry or brine salt. The duration of cleaning for black tomme can take 21 days whereas for tomme rousse, this could be done in 45 days. With its melting flavor, the cheese is to be tasted naturally on a tray with a glass of wine. In the kitchen, it can be used to garnish gratins, pies and salads.

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