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The gastronomy of Biarritz

The gastronomy of BiarritzBasque cuisine is renowned for its generous flavor and its high quality. Will you travel to Biarritz? Your stay in the land will make you discover a refined gastronomic world that promises specialties rather extremely refined in order to awaken the taste buds of gourmets!

When you are in Biarritz, start the day with the "Ttoro", a typical Basque fish soup. It can be tasted, according to the opportunities of the moment, hake, conger, monkfish, scorpionfish, all kinds of crustaceans as well as shells. The story goes that at the very beginning, the stew is simmered on the boat, by the fishermen with the net's ramas.

Another specialty close to "Ttoro" that you can eat up to your heart’s content in Biarritz is the "marmitako", a soup that has the main ingredient tuna. His preparation was also done on a boat at sea where the fish soup was boiling in a huge covered pot.Today, these basic recipes are revisited by the great biarrot chefs. You can appreciate them in the restaurants of Biarritz or why not, on boat as did the fishermen of yesteryear ...

Are you rather for spicy dishes? You will be delighted to taste the "Piperade", a typical hot first course concocted with Espelette pepper. The name comes from the Basque word "biper" which means "pepper". How do you prepare this strong dish? The quills and onion are to be fried with peeled tomatoes in order to have a juicy sauce. All of that can be savored with thin slices of seared ham.

Let's discover another dish based on Espelette! This is the "axoa", a Basque recipe that is prepared with veal and pepper, all raised with Espelette pepper. To accompany the dish, a bowl of rice or slices of toasted bread would be ideal! Before discovering desserts, let's do a little impasse on cheese in Biarritz!

When you stay in the city, do not hesitate to offer you the tasting of "ardi gasna", the famous cheese made with raw sheep's milk. Accompany it with a cut of "sagarno", a typical Basque and 100% natural apple wine.

Our gastronomic journey ends with sweets. Come to the Biarritz tables and feast on the famous traditional cake made from almond shortbread. Prefer it garnished with black cherry cream or jam ... Bon appétit!