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Celebrities in Biarritz

The charm of Biarritz attracts celebrities. People come here just to take advantage of the beauty of the sea and the view offered by this place. Others appreciate the dry land to get back in shape, like the rugby player Henri Rico Haget, famous for his magic foot of the 1930s, who does not hesitate to occupy the hiking trails to run and to  do some stretching in nature.

The athlete is currently at the head of the rugby club in Biarritz and often indulges in thalassotherapy in Hendaye. Also, he has developed his own brand of breathable sportswear originality and elegance. Spreading the bling of the Côte d'Azur, the city is known for its glamorous villas of the 1970s and 1980s, most of which are meticulously preserved in their original states.

Alfonso XIIIwas the first person famous to squat the lands of Biarritz. He particularly appreciated the quiet and secret side of the city ... And he was not the only one, Vincent Cassel, Anne-Sophie Lapix and Frederic Beigbeder were equally hardcore lovers of Biarritz

.Some people prefer to hide in Guéthary or Anglet. Most appear from time to time at the Blue Cargo, a very privileged youth area at the bottom of Ilbarritz Castle. Alain Afflelou is one of the famous people who love to mix with the population.

The Palace Hotel is a favorite place for lovers of old times. When the construction of the villa Eugénie, located near the castle, was completed, the director Jean-Louis Leimbacher adopts a new style: return to sources and traditions. It is impossible to enter the castle without putting one’s glad rags on. Ex-football player Bixente Lizarazu, he disdained to refuse the rule ... Result, no pass for him!

The place welcomes in most cases an affluent clientele including multinational governors, the relatives of King Felipe VI of Spain and of course the wealthy oligarchs are among the regular visitors of the area with the example of Dmitri Rybolovlev, acquirer of the AS Monaco.