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The district of Saint Charles Miramar

Biarritz is a city that has known and still knows so much success. The capital owes especially to its beautiful beaches and mountains that bring this incomparable splendor to its surroundings. But she has another asset in her luggage ... This is the district of Saint Charles Miramar that combines nature with a big "N".

The village also enjoys an excellent privileged location by the sea which gives immediately to the nature of the mountain. The district of Saint Charles Miramar is very touristy because it hosts one of the most beautiful spots of Biarritz: Miramar beach.

Come escape to the beach with your family, your friends or your half and enjoy a crystal clear sea with a beautiful blue gradient! Let your children have fun and challenge each other in the construction of the most beautiful sand castle while adults can indulge in reading or swimming.

The district of Saint Charles Miramar is just minutes from the beach and the citadel. So you can enjoy the sea as much as you want without getting too far from the city center. Among other things, the village is a true spot where unshakeable merchants reign.

Rather in the morning, its boulevards are strongly animated to the sound of blinds and metal fabrics. In Saint Charles, everyone takes the trouble to listen to you, to help you in case of concern and to advise you. As a tourist place to visit, the Imperial Chapel is an invitation to discover a rich and intriguing past of the neighborhood.

Also, you can bask in the streets of high concentration of commerce where you can find all kinds of products and even souvenirs that you can bring back to your loved ones once you return from the trip!