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The large beach of Biarritz

Better known than ever throughout the city of Biarritz, the large beach is certainly the most beautiful and most popular of the city. It is fully made of fine sand and is spread over 600 m in length.

To the north, the wide beach is encircled by that of Miramar while to the south, it is bounded by a rocky ledge leading to Basta. If you want to walk along the dike of Biarritz, know that it is just another way to easily access the beach.

Since it is mostly busy in all seasons, the spot is pleasantly preserved and maintained throughout the year. One of its most unique properties is its huge rocks that seem to have been laid to decorate the surroundings areas.

Very family-friendly, the large beach of Biarritz remains a typical site of the Basque coast caressed by waves consistent with the movements of the tides. This condition is especially ideal for the surfers who are looking for perfect swells to savor and make the most of their favorite sport. A "surfing" area is dedicated to practitioners so that they can have fun without bothering bathers.

After moments of effort in the water, luxuriate on the fine sand of the shore and be sublimated while looking at the Biarritz lighthouse located at Pointe Saint-Martin. Also, the rock of the virgin and the mountains of the Pyrenees are wonderful scenic funds offering this particular touch to the beach.

Where is it ? The large beach is located in the very heart of the city of Biarritz and is today the busiest one. In its vicinity there is the casino, the grand palace of Biarritz, several traders and restaurants where you can cool off and invigorate you with good food.

By its name, the wide beach is very large. Even if it seems crowded during the summer, you will always find a place to put your towel and take advantage of its turquoise sea and golden sand.

Two car parks are at the disposal of the visitors to know the Vinci Grande Beach and the parking of the casino (paying). The site is strictly monitored from the beginning of June to the end of September. Your children can also benefit from the beach clubs and surf schools for introductory sessions.