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The Miramar beach

The Miramar beach is located in the extension of the large beach of Biarritz, right next to the glorious hotels of the Palace and the Miramar. It is highly prized and is for the most part frequented by the inhabitants of the village and the hosts of the establishments.

Bordered by typical villas and biarrotes, the Miramar beach remains a place much appreciated by the summer crowd. We especially admire its quiet side, its charm and its proximity to the city.

To its right, the cliffs and the lighthouse of Cap Saint-Martin dominate the space of the beach. While to its left, you will see in the distance the extraordinary "rock of the virgin", against the backdrop of the Pyrenean summits.

Also known as "the breakthrough rock", the latter remains the emblematic symbol of the Miramar beach. This geological building, a spectator of the harmful causes of erosion, appears as a real work of architect who has taken possession of a small part of the beach in the middle of the waves.

In the 70s, surfers had a small fondness for swells Miramar. It is especially thanks to the funds of sand and rock that the sea draws its energy to form magnificent waves ideal to decorate the sessions of surfing.

Then come the 80s that were marked by the soaring in the number of surfers on the beach. However, there was a time when the practice was forbidden, maybe this is related to the discomfort felt by the guests of the luxury establishments.

Currently, we can surf without worries. Regular bodyboarders do not hesitate to squat the Wedge installed just in front of the rock of the virgin. They especially love the fact that the waves are made to measure in order to offer more sensations and adrenaline.

The environment of Miramar Beach is impassive for all visitors who show respect for the priority rules of surfing. Practitioners are also advised not to upset the habits of bathers in order to create a good state of mind on the site.

According to the story, this spot of Miramar was an imperial beach side by the Empress Eugenie who, before being married to Napoleon III, frolicking there to take advantage of a little stroll and to sympathize with some local fishermen.

In the 50s, Napoleon III submitted the construction of the Villa Eugenie which today became the Hotel du Palais. As a result of all this, the establishment, benefiting from an excellent position on the ocean, receives the biggest celebrities and international political personalities.

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